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Samuel Muwanguzi

AGJF Scholarship Recipient - PhD Candidate

Scholarship Reciepient Samuel Muwanguzi

I plan to become a university professor of information policy to educate others in the use of Information and Communication Technologies to thrive in this burgeoning digital-based global economy. Passionate about the interplay between humanity and technology, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in information sciences at UNT to enhance my scholarly and professional goal of becoming a change agent through sharing knowledge to improve lives. Additionally, I plan to help people with disabilities to adopt technologies to enhance their independence and productivity. My dissertation research into the adoption of Open Source Software as an ICT strategy by Uganda to bridge the digital divide and transform itself into an information society, aims to benefit Uganda and global communities. After completing my undergraduate education in Uganda, I embarked on a teaching and journalism career before abruptly losing my eyesight to glaucoma in 2000. My graduate education and assistantships have significantly enhanced my immersion in the fields of communication and information to which I have contributed six publications and several presentations. I am a volunteer UNT-International Ambassador, educating diverse communities about global cultures, and mentoring and tutoring fellow students on the values of education. I received the outstanding international graduate student award at UNT, won ACB, Incight, and UNT scholarships, and an outstanding thesis award. A task-oriented individual, I inspire others to transform themselves into rounded professionals to network and positively impact communities. While I am a team player, I don’t support working with individuals who don’t manage their time strategically.


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