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About Alice

Alice Givens Jones touched lives one person at a time, making a difference at whatever she did and when she lost her sight in 1994, she was blessed with great Vision!

A few words about us

The Alice Givens Jones Foundation began as an offspring of the work of its namesake. Alice was committed to all being educated, especially those who are disproportionately underrepresented in varying educational arenas. Visually impaired students need intervention beyond what their sighted peers require, leading many times to discouragement after their high school graduation. Social, emotional and economic challenges are especially difficult for visually impaired students.


The Alice Givens Jones Foundation seeks to close the gap.


The Alice Givens-Jones Foundation is working to enrich the lives of the visually-impaired by promoting education and being a resource together with those who support us with their gifts and time.


The Alice Givens-Jones Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life by  supporting the social, emotional, and economical challenges of legally blind students.

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