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Our History

Pamela M. Ajayi and Georgia M. Barnes, started the Alice Givens Jones Foundation in honor of their mother and grandmother Alice, a former nurse who had become visually impaired at the age of 55. Alice had a vision to help others as she felt blessed. Georgia believes that education is the gateway to affording visually impaired people the same opportunities as their counterparts.

Alice Givens Jones, Pam's mother and Georgia's grandmother, lost her sight and mobility in 1994. These setbacks did not deter her from assisting others who were also visually impaired. Founded in 2009, the Alice Givens Jones Foundation provides scholarships to students annually. We bring awareness to our cause by filling the void and serving in the community. We have volunteered at the Perot Museum, Beep Baseball at Dallas Baptist University, White Cane Day (10/15 annually), Sports Extravaganza, Kinetic Games (Region 10) and we look forward to more opportunities to be involved in helping the visually impaired have more accessibility.



The Alice Givens-Jones Foundation is working to enrich the lives of the visually-impaired by promoting education and being a resource together with those who support us with their gifts and time.


The Alice Givens-Jones Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life by  supporting the social, emotional, and economical challenges of legally blind students.

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